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Julie Kells is now the only therapist available at Be. Massage Therapy and she will be only taking new patients for acupuncture.
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Be. Massage Therapy

Common Questions

Who can benefit from massage therapy and acupuncture?

Massage therapy, acupuncture and osteopathy can benefit people of all ages and conditions, including the following:

  • Athletes – for the prevention of repetitive strain injuries through the maintenance of healthy muscle tone and improved joint function
  • Pregnant women – to relieve the discomfort associated with pregnancy; low back pain, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • Elderly – to facilitate joint function and increase circulation
  • Anyone – who is suffering from one of the many common conditions listed throughout this site.

Who pays for massage therapy and acupuncture?

Many extended health care plans now recognize massage therapy and acupuncture as a beneficial and effective form of treatment, and therefore provide coverage. Our office is equipped to directly bill most insurance health plans.

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